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Pneumatic Forging Hammer Branch Company

Our company was appointed to produce the Pneumatic Forging Hammer by China National Machinery Building Administration Bureau, we have more than 60 years manufacturing history of Pneumatic Forging Hammer,.

We drafted the China national standards of the Pneumatic Forging Hammer, we got Chinese highest quality award .

Our Company is ISO9001:2008 Quality Certified Company, and pneumatic forging hammers have CE certificate, the design and production as per the requirements of CE .

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1. C41 series Pneumatic hammers have been awarded the only national highest quality medal in Pneumatic forging hammer industry.

2. Our company drafted the in- use the National Standards of Pneumatic forging hammer.

3. Our company is the only one in the Pneumatic hammer industry which published quality assurance statement on the China Industry Paper to the domestic and foreign customers and wins the trust of users.

4. Our Pneumatic forging hammer has gained ORIGIN MARK PERMISSION which is for protecting high-quality products by China.

5. Our Pneumatic forging hammer is awarded the title of  famous brand products.

6. The model of our Pneumatic forging hammer ranges from 9kg to 2000kg.the smallest model 9kg and the biggest model 2000kg in the world were designed and produced in our company.

7. So far, Our Pneumatic Forging Hammers have been exported to Germany, UK, France, Russia, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa, Egypt, Brazil, Mexico, India, Vietnam, Thailand etc more than 60 countries.