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Key/wedge driver


Key driver is a pneumatically driven pile driver on which the striker head carries out a fast strike movement with the relevant applicable impact energy. Anyang key driver is fitted to the forks of a fork lift to drive out wedges. 




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Anyang Key driver(wedge driver) is to be used for the driving in and out of mounting wedges to forge hammers in combination with a suitable and permissible forklift.
The key driver (wedge driver ) may only be used if it is in impeccable technical condition whilst adhering to all instructions in the operating instructions.
Starting and operation of the driver is only possible in two-handed operation. The Key/wedge driving machine be operated by only one operator.


wedge driver

Item Name Function
  Piston drive Carries out the strike movement.
  Pressure accumulator Ensures for additional piston acceleration.
  Slide valve Control of the impact piston.
4 Rotary slide Setting of impact force adjustment.
Barrier to pressurised air network, emptying of pressure accumulator.
5 Two-hands button Safe trigger device for strike movement.
6 Bounce piston Safety component to protect the piston rod.
7 Maintenance unit Pressurised air treatment.
8 Mounting bracket Fitting to the fork of a fork lift truck.


Compressed air supply for Key/wedge driver

The compressed air supply has to be ensured using clean, dry air with a pressure as constant as possible. If the air contains moisture then a water separator has to be installed before the oil nebulizer in order to protect the Key/wedge driver from corrosion damage


Key driver technical parameter

Parameters DXT-100 DXT-200 DXT-400 DXT-800
Impact energy at max stoke and operating pressure of 6 bar 1 kNm 2 kNm 4 kNm 8 kNm
Piston stroke max. 400 mm 500 mm 600 mm 700 mm
Control cable between twohand
and ram
2000 mm 2000 mm 2500 mm 3000 mm
Weight with crane suspension 860 kg 1,560 kg 2,860 kg 5,500 kg
Operating pressure 6.0  8.0 bar


Key driving machine dimension


wedge driving machine


 key driving machine

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