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31.5KJ CNC forging hammer video in Slovenia

Anyang Forging Press Company’s CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer can be programmable controlled, which is in the world advanced technology level, it has many advantages such as high hitting precision, long life of forging die, high precision forgings, stable quality of forging parts, high efficiency, high material using rate, energy saving. Anyang Forging Press Company’s CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer has many specifications such as C92K-16KJ,25KJ, 31.5KJ, 50KJ, 63KJ, 80KJ, 100KJ, 125KJ, 160KJ, 200KJ, 250KJ, 400KJ. Till now, Anyang Forging Press Company has already become the world biggest manufacturing base of programmable hydraulic die forging hammer.

Anyang Forging Press (Group) Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1956, which is the biggest manufacturer of forging hammer in the world, it drafted China National manufacturing standard of forging hammer, which can offer design, research and development, manufacture, production. Anyang Forging Press Group can provide complete set forging machines including closed die forging equipments(CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer, electro hydraulic die forging hammer, full hydraulic die forging hammer, round steel bar shearing machine , grinding steel ball skew rolling mill etc), free forging machine(pneumatic forging hammer, single frame free forging hammer, double frame open die forging hammer,bridge type open die forging hammer, hydraulic free forging press, ring rolling machine etc) and forging auxiliary machien(forging manipulator, forging charger , key driver machine etc) , Till now, Anyang Forging Press Company already exported its forging machines to USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Russia etc 66 countries.

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