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18T hydraulic closed die forging hammer forge coal machinery parts

18T(450 kj) die forging hydraulic hammer designed by Anyang forging press, adopts full hydraulic pressure drive, compared with the traditional hydraulic hammer has the following advantages:
1, Stop "mix" of oil and gas.
2, Return speed is fast.
3, The structure is more simplified.
4, Sealing ring working life increased greatly, reduce maintenance time and cost.
5, Upper and lower die touching time is short, forging die life is longer.
6, Special valve design that good seal, high flowing, quick response.
7, Operation is more flexible.
In a word, forging hammer project investment is smaller than forging press, high production efficiency, forging die working life is longer.Hydraulic closed die forging hammer is no atmosphere pollution compared with steam hammer hammer, air compressor, so hydraulic closed die forging hammer has been 1th choice for most of die forging factory, are widely applied in vessel forgings, aircraft forgings, auto parting forgings etc industry, anyang forging as pioneer of China's hydraulic hammer, have been developped the first 16T,18T,20T hydraulic closed die forging hammer.